Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson

Tempo: 115 BPM

Scale Used: G Major

Strumming Pattern: DUDU*

The entire overall pattern of this song is just DUDU, but at the end of every progression, mainly at the C7 and D7 chords you’ll need to add this pattern: DD (basically down –down)

Most of the chords are muted, which you can do with your picking hand by resting your palm against the strings right behind the sound hole on your acoustic. Mute the strings just enough and it will sound perfect.

Key of Song: G


This is the Am riff, noted with the Am barre chord at the end.

Is it cool to play this with the G Major scale? Let's see:

It's perfect!

This is the G riff, noted with the G barre chord at the end.

Because this riff just rearranges the notes, we know it's fine, but let's look again:

Again - perfect.

At the beginning of the song you'll play both of these riffs x2. You will end on the G barre chord, which starts the verse.

When you see 'riff into G' this means that FROM the Am barre chord you will then play the second riff.
When you see 'riff into Am' this means that FROM the G barre chord you will then play the first riff.

I didn't include the fingerings because the movement is very easy and can be played with mostly any finger or fingers.

Chord Reference File

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